Seenspire Partners with Weekend for Good to Serve Michigan Non-Profits

Seenspire helped Weekend for Good become a shared, visual experience, creating awareness for Code for Good and its mission.

By Richard Buhn on 28/01/2018

In November 2017 Seenspire had the pleasure of being a media partner for Code for Good GiveCamp’s ‘Weekend for Good’, which brought together over 220 volunteers – designers, developers and other skilled professionals – to help 18 non-profit organizations create technical solutions to further their mission.

The event aims to unite a community of like-minded and time-willing IT and digital professionals to build digital resources, including custom software and websites, for local non-profits in the Grand Rapids area.

This year, ‘Weekend for Good’ merged two events, Give Camp and Design for Good. This allowed the volunteer skillset to contain both developers and designers. This was the 9th year for Give Camp and the 6th year for Design for Good and this 2017 event was the largest event for both events to date.  To build awareness was essential, as was cultivating sponsorship and volunteer support from the wider digital community. Prior to the event, the marketing leadership reached out to Seenspire for access to the Seenspire Social Media App. Seenspire was happy to support the Code for Good’s charitable goals, providing access and ample live feed time to cover the event. The ability to stream the Social media throughout the event was key in engaging the audience.


Code for Good sought to generate awareness through social media channels and communicate the event as it transpired, in real-time, to elicit wider participation, present a vicarious experience for non-participants and create an online culture. The best experiences are, after all, shared experiences.  


Nicole Scheffler, Marketing Chair for Code for Good, said:

“The challenge was to build an online culture to unite the volunteers before, during, and after the event. The more we could use social before to drum up volunteer and agency registration, the better.”

She added:

“Throughout the event, we wanted to build a strong community to share the great work the agencies are doing and how we were helping them. We also wanted to engage the volunteers in creative ways. This is a fun group that appreciates innovative approaches.”

The organizer’s previous solution had been text-based. While this is the solution used by many, it’s far from ideal. Text displays may convey information, but not the true social media experience. Seenspire’s visual layout is optimized to maximize engagement, able to display content in its natural state to make signage – and therefore brand collateral – organic to the occasion.



From the event, Code for Good leadership wanted to achieve a ‘butterfly effect’ of good will, reciprocally generated by volunteers, recipients, participants, and observers. Seenspire made this possible.

Seenspire’s digital signage app-enabled Code for Good to:

  • Access multiple social media channels simultaneously to achieve wider participation.
  • User-friendly monitoring of signage content, to ensure relevance and positive impact.
  • Present the event as a branding opportunity, for Non-Profit agencies and sponsors to receive mentions on social media, displayed at the event.
  • Allow volunteers to see first-hand the support from the digital community, creating a positive and can-do atmosphere throughout.
  • Build an online culture for the event and stimulate conversation, raising the profile of Code for Good for their future events.
  • Broadcast this signage in a common area for an optimal reach of people at the event.

Code for Good also ran four social media contests during the event. With the Seenspire signage app, event-goers were able to see contest participation unfold in real-time, with a stream of user-generated content.



Using Seenspire’s signage app, Code for Good was able to drastically increase social media impact and create the desired ‘butterfly effect’ of positivity. The event received resoundingly positive feedback, and volunteers noted the value of seeing the reactions to the event displayed as they occurred, aggregated in a one-stop display.

  • 7,000 users reached on Facebook
  • 38,988 impressions on Twitter using the #W4G17 hashtag

Seenspire helped Weekend for Good become a shared, visual experience, creating awareness for Code for Good and its mission.



Samuel Mekonen, Seenspire’s co-founder, said:

“We’re happy to support those that seek to make a positive difference in the world, and are always eager to demonstrate the power of beautifully laid out signage – in creating impact and boosting enthusiasm for event goers and digital participants.”

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