RetailDetail # goes viral using Seenspire’s Social Media Wall

Organizer Rebecca Baetens turned to Seenspire to supercharge the event’s social media presence

By Richard Buhn on 22/12/2016

The event

RetailDetail night is of the most high-profile events in Belgium’s retail sector attracting over 700 attendees. C-level executives gather to retrieve new insights on the latest market trends by listening to various keynote speakers and attending focus sessions. The event closes with an awards ceremony, dinner and drinks.

This year, organizer Rebecca Baetens turned to Seenspire to supercharge the event’s social media presence with a social media wall. She appreciated the application’s user-friendly backend and its reasonable pricing. Most importantly, the elegant design and visual presentation convinced Baetens that Seenspire was her best option.

Her objectives:

  • increase the online and offline interaction during the event
  • turn visitors into brand ambassadors

The Challenge: 11-meter display

The social media wall would be displayed on an 11-meter-wide, 3-meter-high display at the center of the stage. As digital signage professionals know, 30 square meters is a tremendous screen size to fill up.

A technical detail posed an additional challenge: the Seenspire application is optimized for 4:3, 16:9 and 21:9 screen dimensions. This particular format was not natively supported.

The Seenspire team quickly went to work. In less than a week, they delivered a smooth, running social media wall for this custom format.


Viral, viral, viral!

On the night of the event, Seenspire’s custom social media wall exceeded expectations. The various speakers were inspiring attendees, who then shared their new insights on social media using the event’s signature hashtag #RDN16. Watching posts appear on a giant wall in real time fueled excitement among participants and speakers, and the momentum quickly spread. Inspired by the LIVE feature highlighting the new posts, attendees posted pictures and messages throughout the night.

“We had a lot of interaction never seen before during an event.”Rebecca Baetens

The event hashtag #RDN16 went viral with over 400 posts. Ultimately, #RDN16 joined the ranks of the top 10 of most popular hashtags, promoting the event to audiences far outside the venue.

“Social media is the most important communication channel for our events, we need to do this every time”Rebecca Baetens