Social Media apps and digital signage content for retail

Supercharging the in-store experience for your venue

No other industry changes faster than retail does. A new generation of savvy shoppers demands memorable in-store experiences and personalized communications from suppliers.

Seenspire is a cost-effective and low maintenance solution for digital signage content to make your shopping experience stand out.

6 ways Seenspire is a retail gamechanger

  • Start a hashtag campaign to invite customers to share their excitement about their latest purchases. Voilà! You’ll have an endless supply of photos and videos for your Social Media app: smiling customers with their new outfit or a new gadget.
  • Smarten up your advertising budget. Add user-generated content fueled by the Social Media app into your marketing mix.
  • Increase your social media followers. You’ll keep the conversation going long after your customers have left the store. Even better, they’ll be coming back for more.
  • Use strategically placed digital signage to give your shoppers a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the products. For example, in a grocery store, an effective Social Media app might feature information about the origins of a packaged food, recipe ideas or promotional offers. Consider alternative ideas for a clothing store, bookstore or electronics store.
  • Turn existing shoppers into loyal brand ambassadors.
  • Grab your shoppers’ attention to keep them on-site longer and keep them entertained while they wait.


92% of consumers around the world say they trust user generated content above all other forms of marketing

Nielsen Holdings PLC is a global information, data, and measurement company

78% of small businesses now get at least one quarter of new customers via social media.

Forbes is an American business magazine

A significant 88% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses and more than half of claim it helped them improve sales.

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