5 Ways a Social Media Wall Can Help You to Build a Stronger Organization From Within

Reach employees where they already spend much of their time: social media

By Richard Buhn on 27/04/2017
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Editor’s Note: Part 3 of Seenspire’s blog series “Integrating Social Media with Your Marketing Strategy

When marketers first discover the Social Media Wall, they instinctively start planning how to connect with customers. Here, we’ll show you how the Social Media Wall can impact another valuable group: a company’s own employees.

Seeing the big picture

A janitor at a multibillion dollar snack food company once said, “There’s no such thing as ‘just a janitor’. . . if you act like an owner.” Richard Montañez, a Mexican immigrant living in California, was mopping floors at Frito-Lay when he came up with the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Here’s how he tells the story from 1976: Because of a broken factory machine, a batch of the Cheetos snacks didn’t come out with its normal cheese flavoring. So Montañez took them home, seasoned them with chili powder, and realized he had a great idea. He then met with the CEO to demonstrate his idea, which ultimately became one of Frito-Lay’s top-selling products.


From an HR perspective, the story captures a dream scenario: an employee who sees the big picture. Montañez’s cleaning duties may not have seemed like a central part of the business, but when the opportunity arose, he felt like he could make a valuable contribution to the organization. He was personally invested in his company’s success.

When employees have an emotional connection to the companies they work for, they are naturally more motivated. Having a sense of purpose means employees are more likely to spot opportunities to help the organization succeed. When employees feel valued by their managers and coworkers, they’re more likely to try harder, resolve problems, think beyond their job descriptions.

That’s why marketing your brand to your employees is just as important as marketing to customers and prospects. The company newsletter, the annual holiday party, employee of the month awards—they can all contribute to the corporate culture. In today’s digital world, organizations need to reach their employees where they already spend much of their time: social media.

The Seenspire Social Media Wall gives companies a new, instant way to personally connect with employees online and offline. An organization can create its own social media channel and display that channel on digital displays throughout the workplace. Consider the Social Media Wall an interactive gateway between the company and each of its team members. The company can publish and share relevant content, and employees can do the same in a moderated environment.

Here are several approaches to using the Social Media Wall to build a stronger organization from within:

Make company announcements big and small

Whether your organization has acquired another company, exceeded sales goals, or is planning to close the kitchen for repairs, use Social Media Wall to get your message out.

Educate and inform

Combat the silo mentality, where workers are isolated and unaware of the company’s activities outside their departments. Use the Social Media Wall to inform the entire organization about what’s happening: small successes, projects, developments, deals, etc.

Get buy-in

Anytime a company starts something new—for example, implementing a new IT system, pursuing a eco-friendly initiative, experimenting with a new time-off policy—you need organizational buy-in. The Social Media Wall is the “open door policy” of the digital age. Encouraging employees to give input through the Social Media Wall sends a strong statement that executive management values their input. And because Seenspire provides moderation controls, moderators will always be able to handpick the content they publish on the company channel.

Plan social activities

The most productive teams are made of people who enjoy working together. Use the Social Media Wall to encourage employees to spend time getting to know each other. Invite workers to staffing outings, or better yet, allow employees to form their own activities such as hiking groups, meditation breaks, lunch outings, and more.


Inspire your employees with content that inspires and surprises them. This opens new thinking patterns. For example, Bru, a global textile wholesaler, shows cool new fabrics and trends on Instagram.

Employees also get inspired when they hear from customers. Customer feedback helps employees understand the company’s mission and the role they play in making a difference. Imagine a Social Media Wall, for example, that virtually brings the customer to the work floor. As your employees are developing a product, they see their customers’ faces and hear their stories in social media posts. This unites your employees in the one common goal: seeing happy customers that value your service.


These are only a few examples of how forward-thinking companies are experimenting with the Social Media Wall. Social media and digital signage are evolving communication strategies. They come with many more possibilities to strengthen corporate culture. To read more about one company’s internal marketing transformation using Seenspire’s solution, take a look at our recent post about Bru.