Instagram’s API has changed, but don’t worry digital signage customers!

Following an announcement from Instagram’s parent company Facebook that it would be taking measures to improve the data privacy of its platform after backlash over Cambridge Analytica, Instagram have deployed restrictions to it’s API earlier than previously announced.

By Richard Buhn on 06/04/2018

Although Seenspire has officially been granted access to Facebook and Instagram’s API, the changes did have some affect, mainly for those using the Social Media app for events utilising the Live update feature. The majority of our customers who use the app for digital signage and who own their Instagram account will not be affected at all, and the 30min update cycle will still be guaranteed.

The content currently available on your account is not affected. You should not experience blank screens! However, because of these changes, Seenspire have had to add minor modifications to features related to Instagram.

How the changes affect your access to Instagram posts

The following changes announced on April 4th 2018, will impact what data you can access from Instagram:

  • You can now only aggregate posts from your own company Instagram (IG) account (@username), not someone else’s.
    • You can still aggregate hashtag content, however there may be limits in the speed at which content is aggregated.
    • With the correct login credentials, you can still aggregate posts from any IG handle.
  • If you are mainly utilising user-generated content, you may experience some delays with the Live updates feature, however a 30 minute update cycle is guaranteed. Nonetheless, if you are using your own content you will not be affected.
  • Author profile images and full names will no longer show up on your posts in the app.
    • However, the author username handle (@username) will still exist and will continue to be displayed in your posts. In any case, these details will remain visible from your own account.

How Seenspire are addressing changes to Instagram posts

Due to the changes stated above, we’ve made the following adjustments to the Social Media app:

  • You’ll only be able to connect to IG handles where you have the login credentials



  • We’ve added placeholders for author profile photos on IG posts
  • IG posts from your own account that you have login credentials for will continue to have profile photos and the authors full name



We are sorry for any inconvenience these adjustments may have caused. We’ll continue to improve the user experience and bring value to the Seenspire Infotainment and Social Media apps.

We’re optimistic that Instagram will realise the contribution that industries like digital signage can make in attracting more users to their platform and promoting the communities that companies have created on Instagram.

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, please get in touch so we can do our best to help you.

You can read the full text of Facebook’s announcement here, or a TechCrunch article on the topic here.