Seenspire’s Partnership with Appspace: A Look at the Future of Workplace Communications

We’re a year into our partnership with Appspace: plenty of time to learn about the challenge of bargaining for an audience’s attention and the need for curated, automated content in the workplace.

By Samuel Mekonen on 29/11/2018

Appspace is a leading platform for workplace communications. It helps companies drive awareness and increase engagement, delivering consistent and brand-relevant messaging at every level. Like Seenspire, Appspace recognizes the importance and power of relevant messaging, filtered from the noise of digital communication channels and delivered through the medium of digital signage.

Delivering the message is good, getting it across is better

Appspace is a powerful platform, great at publishing a message. But the ability to publish a message isn’t enough; you have to grab people’s attention, which is continually strained by the deluge of daily information. This challenge, compounded by modern audiences’ expectations for fresh content each time they look at a display, is exactly why Appspace partnered with Seenspire.

Appspace delivers messages timely and securely to all the screens in your workplace; Seenspire helps those messages be seen by enabling diversity through social media content, next to company announcements and brand content. This combination is essential for Appspace customers: companies that want to improve internal communication, establish an inclusive culture and a cohesive brand identity.



Seenspire’s automation solution brought our social media content to life, enabling us to diversify our content loop without adding cost and, ultimately, to humanize our corporate communication.

Naji Bardawil, Director of Digital Marketing – Dubai Holding
2Point0 Concepts | Digital Signage Architects

The value Appspace provides its customers is linked to its ability to drive employee engagement. Social media content provides diversity which, with Seenspire, is achieved with no extra effort required on the part of the end-user. The Social Media Card by Seenspire empowers existing communication strategies, with automated and branded content channels supported by an immersive full-screen viewing experience.

What Seenspire’s partnership means to Appspace customers

By integrating with Seenspire, Appspace customers like Cisco, Dell, Nokia, Dubai Holding and GE are able to maximize the impact of workplace communications by offering curated and automated brand owned content.

Seenspire is aligned with your Appspace plan, to help you propel brand messaging, increase internal and external communication and offer fresh, relevant, and impactful content. With this, even employees within the largest organizations stay connected, up-to-date, and involved.

Our key takeaways

Working with different stakeholders such as AV system integrators, content agencies, and most importantly Appspace and their customers has given us the following insights. Some are obvious, and some aren’t. Here’s what we’ve learnt:


1. Fresh content is key to sustaining impact.

If people learn not to expect fresh content every time they look at a screen, they’ll stop looking at the screen. Distracting the viewer with multi-zone layouts won’t help.


2. Diversity, diversity, diversity.

People get bored easily; their attention spans are short. Even fresh content can become stale if it’s too similar. Diverse content loops – that introduce different types of content on different subjects – are the most effective. Thankfully, this has become a lot easier since we launched our Infotainment app early this year, which we discuss below.


3.  Keeping your content loop fresh and diverse should be effortless.

Diversifying workplace communications might seem like a lot of work (in past times, dedicated content in a dedicated format would’ve required considerable investment). With Seenspire, this is no longer true. Seenspire automatically brings your social content to your digital signage network, purpose-built for the medium, while you stay in control.


4. Workplace communication has changed.

Companies can no longer rely solely on their own marketing content for engagement. Social media has opened up the conversation, and Appspace, together with Seenspire, enables companies to stay part of that conversation, nurturing relationships and creating a more impactful brand message and identity.


5.  Impactful content loops help your company’s digital transformation.

Many organisations invest in digital technology as a means to transform their business. For big enterprises, digital communications are a key part of making employees and customers aware of global transformation initiatives, such as launching new innovative products or announcing new ventures.

This can be achieved with a Seenspire-powered content loop that displays curated brand-owned social media content alongside company announcements; increasing awareness and accelerating your company’s digital transformation.


We see that social media is becoming a requirement to boost workplace communications and to unify internal and external messaging. By offering an automated content solution with Seenspire and Appspace it has become much easier for us to meet our customer’s needs and minimize the costs of daily content creation. We are looking forward to what’s next.

Joseph Mendonca, Director of Digital Media – HB Communications Inc.

What’s next

In March 2018 we launched our new Infotainment app, which now allows Appspace users to further diversify their content loop with the industry’s first unlimited access to license-cleared content channels, including News, Stock Markets, Sports, Nature Ambient, enabling you to create a content loop that is engaging for any audience at any time.

This is the next step towards a unified content platform that enables you to access both Infotainment content and social media channels.

Companies are becoming more interconnected, shedding corporate walls – figuratively and literally – in favour of closer relationships with its employees and customers. Through this partnership, we’ve seen validation of where we believe workplace communications are going – but more is still to come, and we at Seenspire will continue to play a leading role in effective workplace communications.