Transform the In-store Shopping Experience with UGC

How USG (user-generated content) can redefine micro-moments and transform the in-store shopping experience.

By Richard Buhn on 09/04/2017

Editor’s Note: Part 2 of Seenspire’s blog series “Integrating Social Media with Marketing Strategy

Do you remember the last time you were looking for a place to eat, so you whipped out your smartphone? You might’ve looked for restaurant reviews on Yelp or maybe you did a search for nearby restaurants on Google Maps. Maybe you asked your Facebook friends if they had a favorite sushi spot downtown.

However you approached your search, you were in a “micro-moment.” Google coined the term to define those bursts when consumers turn to their digital devices to help them make decisions. Essentially, these are the moments people are open to interacting with brands. Marketers live for these moments. In these milliseconds, a brand can attract a lifelong customer or even better, a customer who will publicly declare their love for the brand.

Cultivate micro-moments

What if you could cultivate micro-moments in your store in a more organic way with a Social Media Wall?

Picture a millennial named Jane shopping at a clothing store. She’s looking for a power suit for an important job interview. As Jane walks through the aisles, she sees a big screen display featuring photos of real women just like her. They’ve shared selfies on Instagram, excited to wear pieces from the same collection. Then Jane envisions herself wearing a blouse from this fashion line, sitting in a downtown office, talking to the hiring manager. Not only does she look the part of a smart, well-dressed professional, she feels it. She imagines herself leaning into a rich conversation with her interviewer and landing the job immediately. That’s the moment Jane decides to buy the blouse.

Why did that happen? Millennials buy not to own things. They buy for the impact of having that item in their lives. That includes making meaningful connections with people, reaching goals, experiencing life on their terms.

How did that happen? Happy customers post their photos on social media and hashtag the store. Then the store discovers the images in real time and includes them in its social media channel, which gets published for all to see on the in-store digital display. That’s the power of the Seenspire Social Media Wall.

UGC transforms the in-store shopping experience

Any retailer can transform the in-store shopping experience with a Social Media Wall. Digital displays highlighting UGC (user-generated content) are proving to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. They give shoppers a delightful—albeit more persuasive—nudge.

Consider this finding from a recent study by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI): 82 percent of all shopping decisions are made in-store.

Enticing your in-store shoppers should be like aiming for the low-hanging fruit. The shoppers are physically at your store. They’ve gone through the trouble of getting there, and now it’s your turn to convince them that purchasing your product will be the right decision. Yes, your shoppers could easily turn to their mobile devices for a last-minute consultation. But if your in-store digital display gives them all the social proof they’re looking for, they’ll most likely buy now.