Introducing the Seenspire Infotainment Service (Finally, a Sustainable Content Loop Solution)

This month, we launched the Seenspire Infotainment service with our industry-first unlimited access, pay-per-screen subscription plan. The Infotainment service provides a sustainable solution to anybody responsible for content – including marketing, HR and content integrators – to satisfy the high demands of modern content loops.

By Richard Buhn on 15/03/2018

The market’s first subscription-based digital signage content library

So we came up with a solution – the new Seenspire Infotainment service: the market’s first subscription-based digital signage content library. The Infotainment service provides high-quality content for your content loop, feeding your signage displays with fresh, engaging content, aggregated by Seenspire from numerous sources and covering a broad range of topics.

We’ve launched the Infotainment service in combination with our new pay-per-screen subscription plan, which also applies to the Social Media app. This means we don’t restrict the number of content feeds a screen has access to; unlike other solutions, we do not charge per feed. We know content diversity is essential to the user experience, and we don’t want to force clients, marketers or content integrators to compromise quality for cost. Per-feed access means compromise, and we don’t like compromise.

Modern audiences demand diverse, brand-relevant content that is unrestricted in scope, continuous and fresh. Seenspire Infotainment provides continuous agency-grade content, with the same agency experience but at significantly less cost, for any size of company or screen network. The Infotainment app also offers branding capabilities for your displays – so content can be displayed alongside brand colours and logos – to provide consistency throughout the content loop.


Netflix – but for digital signage content

With the unlimited-access plan, the Seenspire Infotainment service is Netflix for digital signage content. It’s a content library with 250+ content feeds that cover every conceivable topic, making it easier to find fresh content relevant to your audience.

Seenspire’s content feeds – which range from news and weather to sports and lifestyle – are licensed from the world’s leading media partners, including Reuters, AFP and Sky News Arabia. We also draw upon independent content creators and data providers to add variety – combining hyperlocal content (news, weather, etc.) with agency-grade visual presentations.




Content automation for digital signage

The Seenspire Infotainment service enables integrators and marketers to automate up to 80% of their content playlist, providing a sustainable content solution to clients, and allow you to spin up branded content feeds in a matter of minutes. Seenspire not only drastically reduces the cost of maintaining a fresh content loop, but also the administrative and human resource cost of curating, distributing and licensing content. With the Infotainment service, marketing messages stay impactful, delivered straight to where people work, wait or buy.

The Seenspire loop – which is a massive cloud-based content library – is sourced, curated, aggregated and approved by us. It benefits from our 8 years’ experience learning what works and what doesn’t – talking to and working with 100s of clients – detecting patterns and understanding the type of content that engages different markets.

Clients only need to pick the preferred feeds and schedules, easily navigated through and selected via the Infotainment app, and, if they choose, displayed alongside brand colours and logos. Infotainment content is delivered in HTML format and is compatible with most professional displays and content management systems (CMS).

Here’s what Dave White, Vice President & Partner at UBI Communications, had to say about our Infotainment service:

Congratulations on creating an exceptional application for content delivery! You have hit all of the check marks required by users – a simple yet robust application that is incredibly easy to use. A game changer that will provide your global reseller’s with a product that will dominate the market. Thank you!

The new pricing model is a monthly cost of $27 per screen, billed annually, which decreases as the number of screens increases. For example, at 50 screens, the per-screen subscription price is reduced to $19 per screen.

With the Seenspire Infotainment service, we’ve made content loops easy to maintain and manage, and, more importantly, sustainable.

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